What is AmiDb?
AmiDb is a platform used to build server systems. Internally the platform consists of distributed databases, file management, data expiration management, image processing, distributed caching, text search, user management, security, etc - all exposed through REST APIs.
What is the problem AmiDb solves?
Developers spend a significant portion of their time setting up clusters and writing code unrelated to the business logic. Examples include layers to access databases, and writing other common services to stage images, caching etc. Many platform providers take advantage of these factors and provide seemingly low cost (pay for what you use) options. Once locked in to their platform you are billed in manners unimaginable (like cost per I/O operation, etc). Soon, you end up with prohibitive costs and a large percentage of your expenses are towards running these operations on the "cloud".
How does AmiDb solve this problem?
AmiDb offers a model where costs per node are fixed. With AmiDb you will save not only in hardware costs but also in developer costs. To avoid platform lock-ins, AmiDb use open sources internally. Customers will also have the option to purchase the source code.
What is the cost to use AmiDb?
We will provision one server for FREE. You have 3 months to try this out. If you are satisfied, the cost to use AmiDb is $40/server*
* Cost is for the default server: 4 GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, 80 GB SSD Storage, 4 TB Transfer, 40 Gbps Network In, 4000 Mbps Network Out
What is under the hood?
Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Tomcat, JRE, Python, Nginx, to name a few. Versions are kept as recent as possible.
Is there a support?
Yes. All sign-ups include support.
Ready to get started?
We are currently automating the on-boarding process. Until then please contact us to get started.